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8 Things You Can’t Afford to Ignore About eDiscovery

On Thursday, February 25, I gave an eDiscovery presentation to the AIIM Golden Gate chapter titled “8 Things You Can’t Afford to Ignore About eDiscovery.” 8 Things comes from John Mancini’s AIIM 8 Things Series which provided the umbrella concept for the talk. The presentation is designed to provide an overview of current trends in eDiscovery that are often discussed today and how they can improve eDiscovery performance by lowering costs and improving litigation outcomes.The talk generated a lot of interest, going 40 minutes past our scheduled cutoff due to the engaging discussion.

The topics covered were:

  1. Early Case Assessment
  2. Data Mapping
  3. Investigative eDiscovery
  4. Concept Search
  5. Non-Linear Review
  6. Parallel Search
  7. End-to-End eDiscovery
  8. Cloud Computing

The presentation was focused on education and steers away from vendor pitching, which has been an issue with some previous AIIM presentations. I was happy to receive the following testimonial from an eDiscovery services provider indicating the presentation provided the right balance.

I really appreciated your presentation today. It is always a learning experience for me to hear others talk about the subjects I think I know so well. I like that there is always more to learn.

I also appreciate that you did a great job covering the topic– you did not simply pitch your company’s products. That said I must admit that from our talks before and after the presentation and some of the topics you covered in your presentation you definitely have me interested in learning more about ZL.

- Director of Technology, eDiscovery Services Provider

If you have any questions on this presentation, please post here or on the Golden Gate chapter’s LinkedIn group.

8 Things You Cant Afford to Ignore About eDiscovery

Update: The blog article that accompanies this talk was posted to John Mancini’s Digital Landfill blog on March 12th. Click here to view as PDF.

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