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Arcot Systems Acquired by Computer Associates for $200 Million

Arcot Systems has agreed to be acquired by Computer Associates for $200 million. I joined Arcot Systems as employee #32 a while back and worked there for several years. Many of the people I worked with at Arcot are still there and they have my congratulations. The following is a screen shot from their current homepage:

Computer Associates is combining Arcot’s authentication portfolio with their SiteMinder portfolio, which they received from their $430 million Netegrity acquisition announced back on October 6, 2004. At Arcot, we were partners with Netegrity and other authorization product firms.

At the time, we had also started to do Authentication as a Service in the could via TransFort service for Visa, MasterCard and JCB. This service has been extended to the A-OK authentication service for enterprises. The text below is from the current SaaS Cloud Computing page.

Arcot has been offering cloud authentication services since 2000 when we launched our TransFort e-Payments authentication service, now branded A-OK for e-Commerce. Since then, Arcot has helped over 13,000 financial institutions comply with Verified by Visa, MasterCard SecureCode and JCB J-Secure card authentication programs. In early 2008, Arcot launched it’s A-OK for Enterprise fraud detection and strong authentication service to provide “authentication-as-a-service” for secure access to online banking, Web portal and VPN applications. Today, Arcot’s cloud computing services serve over 50 million users, worldwide. Hosted in multiple SAS 70, PCI DSS-compliant data centers, Arcot A-OK services are highly scalable, configurable, and multi-tenant efficient.

One of my contributions at Arcot was to envision and evangelize a new technology that extended the use of our seminal invention, the ArcotID, to standards-based x.509 public key infrastructures (PKI). This allowed us to address integration requirements, open new markets, and establish new partnerships. Our engineering team was able to flesh out design and implementation, with four of us (Robert Allen, Robert Jerdonek, Tom Wu, and myself) being on the patent application that was filed, US Patent Application 20020126850. It was refiled as 20100172504 which is presented below.

US Patent Application: Method and apparatus for cryptographic key storage … 20100172504

I enjoyed my time at Arcot. It’s nice to see a good outcome for the firm and team.

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