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Extreme Performance Archiving Presentation at Oracle OpenWorld (OOW)

On Tuesday October 13, I gave a presentation at Oracle OpenWorld on E-Mail Archiving with “Extreme Performance” and “Green Computing” using a ZL+Oracle solution. The presentation discusses proven performance 100x greater than other solutions by using technologies such as private cloud computing and grid computing. The Extreme Performance theme of the show is especially fitting for E-Mail Archiving as organizations look for ways to solve multiple performance and scalability challenges. While the numbers presented are already orders of magnitude greater than many existing solutions, it will be interesting to see what additional benefits Oracle Exadata 2 can provide.

We had a great discussion, covering a range of topics on eDiscovery and integration with various Oracle products including RAC, Data Guard, UOA, EAS, URM, UCM, SES, etc. That looks like quite the acronym soup but if you’re interested in any of these integrations, just ask.

OOW 2009 was a blast and I hope everyone enjoyed it as much as I did.

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