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NSF to PST Conversion Issues

While there are many commercial tools that will convert between various email formats, for NSF to PST conversion, John Randall of Randall Consulting provides the following warnings:

Subject: Lotus Notes to .pst
From: John Randall
Date: Mon Jul 28, 2008 10:58 pm

You should be very careful of any migration tool that converts .NSF to .PST. Do not just assume that the tool will convert all e-mails and attachments because the program says so.

With the mjaority of migration tools in converting .PST to .NSF these are just a few of the problems.

  1. Possibility of bogus duplicates. Because Lotus Notes actualy contain different views of the same message. So when converting to Outlook it is quite possible there will be duplicates and lots of them.
  2. Converting to .PST usually increases the size of the e-mail store thus the client will be charged extra.
  3. “All Documents” folder does not always contain all documents. So some migration tools only use the All documents folder to try and get around the bogus duplicate problem.
  4. If this is not reason enough how about this one. You will most likely not get all e-mails and attachments. I could go on and on and on.
  5. We are dealing with electronic discovery where every e-mail. And every attachment and embedded document needs to be accounted for.

I would finally ask this question. Why do you need to convert it to a .PST? Can you process it natively?

If using a migration tool to convert .NSF files to .PST files be careful! Be very careful!

John Randall
Senior Consultant/Trainer
Randall Consulting

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